Inventions for Tibetan Drum

by Julian Broadhurst Drum Music

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Drum music 8, Dm 8 and my 28th Album - the first 'New' Album in the 'New Order' - after I organised all my prior works into 27 volumes. This is another set of 'inventions', after the models of my 'Inventions for Shamanic Drum' [Dm 1], and my 'First inventions for Djembe' [Dm 6]. It had been my ambition to create many such sets of inventions for various types of drum, the more difficult the project, the more attractive to my motivation. In this case, the 'Tibetan Drum' being the most seemingly limited in range, so the more interesting the project, in terms of invention. This long thin drum has a bass skin about 12 cm across and a top ‘High end' about 8 cm across. The high end, has a loud ping of a rim shot in sharp contrast to the middle, whereas the lower ends seems much more mellow and indistinct. A difficult instrument to create extended and exciting music for ? No, a joy - Subtlety being the word here. I came across this beautiful instrument in an Oriental Curiosities shop. They had two, one highly coloured, and little more than an ornament. The other a plain wood, but very obviously a versatile instrument. I used it in the first 4 Dm sonatas on my album ‘5 Sonatas, Dm 2.’


released July 16, 2013

julian Broadhurst - Composition and Tibetan Drum. Original recordings at Drum Studio. Remastering at Isabel Studio.



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