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April Awaken - Dm 11. The 6th volume of Drum Studies.

A Very 'Outdoor' album, this and the next, 'Underdrum' Dm 12 - which might be 'April Awaken two' except that I always [or for the most part] name Albums after works on them. The eponymous track here, Rh 170 April Awaken was My Longest Drum Work to that date. .At the begging I can be heard speaking to the microphone '1st of April - 2007,' dating the recording, but the intension of the piece was to create a waking of April, so I always left it in. It is the longest of the true Drum Studio Studies.

Clap Tap - Rh 174. Doing something I once did alot of, stealing a moment of percussion, in an unlikely place - an empty room in a hospital - a few moments before someone came in, how long had I got to frame a rhythm ? Playing my hands against the acoustics of the room.

For the Birds - Rh 175. A development from another outdoor piece - another moment stolen from a natural acoustic - this time the goose call of Carsington Water's Geese and a lonely bench on the shore. Like the title Clap Tap, which clearly begs you to say Clap trap and yet is not more than clapped and tapped, whereas For the Birds is that expression a thrown away moment - where I 'sang' for [and with] the birds.

Again and for the Birds - Rh 176. Developed from a second piece recorded a moment or so after 'For the Birds.

Cromford Canal Side - Rh 180. Recorded live at the Cromford Canalside Gathering, Derbyshire 2007. We once held these gatherings all around this area, at Matlock, Lea and most often at the Bonsal Rhythm Cafe. It was accompanying my mother's Folk band ,'The Red Lion Band', once on just such an occasion, years before, that I took the stage alone. Later becoming the Stage Percussionist 'Perpetuum mobile', the name under which I recorded my first two Dm Albums - only taking my own name for the third [see also Texts for those albums].

Doublebeat - Rh 184. A Drum Studio Study.

Soft Study - Rh 188. A Drum Studio Study - and it's anything but soft ! related in intension to the Album 'Very Quiet music' - which is for the most part but is not always quiet.

Tonnel - Rh 193. Spelt Deliberately with an 'O' - It was recorded in the canal tunnel a mile or so down from Cromford Wharf, Scene of the 'Canal Side Gathering [and Rh 180 a week or so before], in early 2007. We carried Drums and Microphones down the wickedly narrow towpath a mile and so, and back.

Tunnelling music - Rh 194. After Tonnel, a title with the implication of action, like that of a Picture of mine, 'Monogram to see round corners' - Double pun on round.. Lovely Pieces these two, beautiful acoustics.

'Very impressive' - Neil March - British Contemporary Composer. April 8th 2015.


released July 22, 2013

Julian Broadhurst - Composition & performances. Studio Electronics and Mastering at Isabel.



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